“K&W has gotten me 4 EIDL loans over the years.  We are a John Deere dealership and would recommend this company to anyone  wanting financial assistance for this SBA loan program.  K&W went back to SBA after I tried to do this myself and  got me another six figures!” Tipton, MO.

“K&W told me I would not qualify; however, I kept their contact information.  I called them the next year and they helped me get approved.  It did not cost me anything for their evaluation.” Tyler, TX.

“I have known K&W ‘s team for many years and would not  trust anyone else to negotiate with the SBA for me!!” Camdenton, MO.

“I sold my business several years ago and K&W had gotten me THREE EIDL loans over the past.  I would not have survived and been able to sell my business without their assistance!” Caldwell, KS.

“My grain elevator  was ready to be shut down by creditors.  SBA turned me down three times for an EIDL loan but K&W kept working with me!  They never gave up and would not take no for an answer, they finally got me approved for almost 300,000!  That kept our business alive and able to continue everyday operations!!” San Antonio, TX.